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Superhero Cakes

Do you have a little superhero?

We have a range of cakes for girls or boys with their favourite superheroes on or add their photo. You can send them one of our fun personalised superhero themed cakes in the post for their birthday, who needs a card when they can have a cake? Our letterbox cakes are the perfect birthday gift. All of our superhero themed cakes can be personalised with their own name and your special message! 

We have a range of the best ever superhero birthday cake for anyone who is a superhero fan. Put smile on their face with these superhero decorated birthday cakes. Make the birthday more special and unique with their name and photo on superhero personalized birthday cakes. Shop here for top batman, superman, wonderwoman birthday cake ideas for anyone. Afterall who doesn’t love superhero cakes.  

Has your little one got secret superpowers? Would your little caped crusader like a superhero themed birthday cake? Or perhaps you know someone with Marvel-mania who would appreciate some tasty edible comic characters? Incorporating a superhero themed cake as a centerpiece has guaranteed wow factor. Take a look at some of our previous Superhero cakes for inspiration.

All of our superhero themed cakes can be personalised with their own name and your special message! Choose from any of our four sizes and six recipes for a cake made just for you. Our super cakes are designed for all the superheroes out there and if you can't see the right match then get in touch and our designers will create one for you. 

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