Eid Cakes

Celebrate Eid with a fantastic personalised cake and boxes of matching cupcakes.

Have a special eid mubarak! We have the perfect celebration cake for your special occasion. Eid al-Adha is the festival of sacrifice and is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated by Muslims each year, the other being Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan.

We have a great selection of designs to make your eid celebrations even more special. Don't forget to add your special message or a favourite photo to your customised eid cake. If you can't see your perfect design, then we can create one for you! Get in touch with our in-house designers who will design you the perfect cake for your eid celebration for everyone to enjoy.

Order by 2pm for next day delivery, and have the cake delivered to their door. We also have free delivery available on selected days every week.

We have a great selection of designs to make your Eid celebrations even more special.

Celebrate your special occasion with a personalised cake. We have a wide range of eid designs which are the perfect centrepiece for your eid party and celebrations. We can personalise the cake to suit your occasion. We can also deliver the cake to the venue or your house.

We have a diverse range of cake recipes available to suit everyone; victoria sponge, chocolate cake, gluten free and dairy free. If you order a larger cake we can even do half and half! If you want a bespoke design then we offer a bespoke design service. One of our in-house designers will create the perfect cake offering you a truly personalised experience.

Why send a card, when you can send a cake? Introducing our famous letterbox cake. Don’t hesitate to send a scrumptious gift today.

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