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Back to School Cupcakes

It can be daunting starting a new school, a new class or even just returning for the next term.

Make someone feel excited about going back to school by giving them our personalised back to school cupcakes, or better still matching personalised back to school cakes?

Add a personal message to make them smile on their first day back to school. Gifts for students during busy periods is a great way to boost morale, or even be the best teacher and get your favourite class a set of cupcakes to say welcome back. So brighten up someone's day with one of our delicious back to school cupcakes!

Order by 2pm for next day delivery, and have the cake delivered to their door. We also have free delivery available on selected days every week.

Say good luck to your star student on their first day back to school.

We also have a diverse range of cake recipes available to suit everyone; victoria sponge, chocolate chip, gluten free and dairy free. If you order a larger cake we can even do half and half! If you want a bespoke design then we offer a bespoke design service. One of our in-house designers will create the perfect cake offering you a truly personalised experience.

Why send a card, when you can send a cake? Introducing our famous letterbox cake. Don’t hesitate to send a scrumptious gift today.

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